• Wynstone

    Hard to imagine CNN as a left leaner these days.

    • Unsphexish

      Yeah, but it’s based on the politics of the viewer, not the outlet; and also what the actual political value of “0” is on the continuum.

      I find it hard to believe that Yahoo! is to the left of the 0, or that HuffPo and the BBC share the same political space with Politico and BuzzFeed.

      Better to title this piece “Ranking the Consumers of Political Media from Left to Right”. Not as catchy though.

      • Wynstone

        Yeah, I came to the same conclusion. I think the real takeaway is that left leaners look at a greater array of sources than right leaners who really seek out confirmation of bias more than information.

        • pbrower2a

          These days one must look at multiple sources as an equivalent of double-entry in accounting for truth.

          The right-wing media depend upon people not doing so.

          • Truthandjustice

            With both of your attitudes being, “I am right, and they are wrong” , what other opinion could you possibly come to?

            Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back – you may be the only ones willing to do so.

          • Mike

            Republicans have made an art of dismissing facts based on the messenger, whether or not the actual facts are verifiable (see reaction to the 47% video, which contained a speech that could be viewed in its entirety yet was still said to be “taken out of context” and “misrepresented” the candidate’s views). Confirmation bias on the right is such that people will discount everything a paper or tv channel has to say over “liberal bias” that really just means that it’s left of Fox — and in many cases the news that’s being delivered is easily verifiable (but just as quickly disregarded). Once you’ve decided that you won’t trust anyone that tells you something you don’t like, you’re pretty much limited to Fox.

    • Michael

      CNN had a huge spike in viewership during the 2012 DNC.

  • Leftcoastrocky

    WaPo is not that far left these days.

  • Padraig

    Yahoo is VERY liberal! Wow. Bzzzzzz, wrong.

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