‘SAT’ Now Stands for ‘Student Affluence Test’

Wall Street Journal: “On average, students in 2014 in every income bracket outscored students in a lower bracket on every section of the test … Students from the wealthiest families outscored those from the poorest by just shy of 400 points.”

And it’s not just about wealthier students having access to test prep:

“That would perhaps be comforting, because an obvious solution would be: Provide everyone with test prep.”

“But if the phenomenon arises from a confluence of factors, that makes it all the harder to remove income gaps from standardized tests. Family wealth allows parents to locate in neighborhoods with better schools (or spring for private schools). Parents who are themselves college educated tend to make more money, and since today’s high school seniors were born in the mid-1990s, many of the wealthiest and best-educated parents themselves came of age when the tests were of crucial importance. When the SAT is crucial to college, college is crucial to income, and income is crucial to SAT scores, a mutually reinforcing cycle develops.”

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