Climate Change Concerns Fuel South Florida Secession Proposal

The National Journal reports that the city of South Miami — prompted by climate change concerns — passed earlier this month a resolution to separate southern from northern Florida.

“South Florida is largely urban and leans left, he says, whereas the north—where the capital, Tallahassee, is located—is mostly rural and much more conservative.”

“The recent acceleration of climate change is what drove [South Miami vice mayor Walter Harris], who put forward the resolution for independence earlier this month, to action.”

“Economic and political divisions ‘would be reason enough’ to split, says Harris, ‘but now you add the reality of global warming.’ The rising sea level is of particular concern. Where the northern part of the state is on average 120 feet above sea level, much of the southern portion averages 15 feet above sea level, the resolution reads.”

“Harris says Tallahassee won’t do what needs to be done to address these problems. ‘We need to be able to deal with this situation with a government that recognizes that we’re not North Florida,’ he says.”

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