Is it Really a ‘Joke?’ Cruz Staffer Blames Obamacare for U.S. Ebola Cases

Hillary Kelly in the New Republic writes about a recent tweet by Deputy Chief of Staff for Senator Ted Cruz, Nick Muzin, as “the most illogical, nonsensical, utterly partisan tweet:”

“Update: Nick Muzin followed up with the tweet below, indicating his earlier deleted tweet was a ‘joke.’ If he was a Democratic staffer we’d get the joke. But coming from a Cruz staffer, you can hardly blame the media for thinking he was serious.”

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  • BlueJoubert

    Followed to its logical conclusion, Obamacare is directly responsible for no cases of Black Plague or Bubonic Plague in the US. YAAAY!

    One could argue sensibly, however, that all of the President’s haters have a fever that could be called Black Plague.

    • MVH1

      Black Brain Plague.

  • VoteQuimby

    Hahaha….three of the citizens of my boss’ state have contacted a deadly virus and one has died….hahaha…its a joke, right?

  • artvet2

    Hater? Why? Just because this President lies directly to the American public and hides behind spurious claims of executive privilege and national security. Hater? Would not waste my energy. Disillusioned? Disappointed? Sad? Disgusted? All of those. I have asked and am still waiting for ANYONE to send me a list of this man’s qualifications to his current job.

    • Mike

      Where exactly would one send such a list? You don’t give us an email or mailing address.

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