• Timothy Holmes

    As an adult in America you need ID to do almost any adult activity, from getting a job to leasing an apartment to buying alcohol. In many places you are required by law to have state issued ID just to be in public. You have to show ID to apply for social services, to obtain utilities, to get into school.

    Objection to voter ID is pretty odd when you subtract a desire to allow vote fraud from the equation.

    • 1stNameLast

      Examples of the percentages of alleged in-person voter fraud in three states:

      Pennsylvania – . 000018%

      South Carolina – .000000%

      Texas – .000038%

      Support for voter ID is pretty odd when you subtract a desire to suppress the vote of the opposition party from the equation.

  • David Addams

    Anyone comparing voter ID laws to poll taxes is someone showing historical ignorance.

    The poll tax laws were written so that anyone who had a grandfather that voted was exempt from the tax. (This is the origin of the phrase “grandfathered in.”) This exemption only applied to white people. This is why poll taxes were held unconstitutional.

    The laws themselves were designed to be discriminatory.

    Voter ID laws apply equally across the board, regardless of race.

    While the opponents argue that the laws prevent eligible voters from voting, they have been unable to present a single instance where a Voter ID law has resulted in an eligible voter from being able to vote.

    That is the key distinction between voter id and “poll tax”.

    Poll taxes were designed solely to prevent eligible voters from being able to vote. There has been no case of voter id laws doing so. They instead stop ineligible voters.

  • George Fuller

    Almost every activity requires a photo ID……..What generation are you living in?

  • Cougar Tamer

    Can’t they just use their EBT cards?

    • Art Bagnall

      Support of voter ID isn’t oidd at all.
      It is supported by Republicans because they want to win elections, any way they can.
      They have to…they are on a mission for GOD.

      • jiminstl

        And Democrats’ motives are pure

  • faith

    of course you´d rather keep the Chicago theme of ¨vote early vote often¨ for the same election

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