• embo66

    This same study was picked up by Ezra Klein / Vox — and frankly, Klein should have known better.

    Basically, this “study” is flawed, data-wise — and wants to make a point about Red v. Blue that is highly questionable, at best. Because there really isn’t an actual partisan issue here, despite Trulia’s attempts to create one. They list Fort Worth as a “red” city (and it did vote for Romney) — but completely ignore Fort Worth’s own declared “sister city,” Dallas, which is nearly the exact same size, is part of the same MSA, and voted for Obama, 59-41 (something the Trulia report gets completely WRONG).

    Not to mention that housing costs in Dallas are not much higher than in Fort Worth . . . but that would contradict the simplistic fallacy Trulia wants to make. So would the fact that housing costs in Detroit, Camden NJ, Cleveland OH, and even Chicago IL are at or even below the “low” costs of Red cities.

    Are too many cities, especially the really cool / desirable ones, in danger of becoming unaffordable for any except the richest among us? Yes.

    But that is a different question — and one that this FAKE study does nothing to address.

  • Shrugged

    Two words: Trial Attorneys

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