Obama Embraces His Liberal Side by Endorsing Net Neutrality

Rebecca Leber: “On Monday, President Barack Obama effectively endorsed ‘net neutrality’the idea that Internet providers should treat all content equally, without giving or selling preferential treatment to some. In doing so, Obama has picked a big fight with corporate lobbyistsand created a stark contrast with the Republican Party.”

“The net neutrality episode is a reminder that Democrats, like Obama, also take strong stands against big business from time to timeand Republicans rarely do.”

John Judis adds “Obama didn’t just uphold the important principle of net neutralitythat internet providers not be allowed to discriminate among providers and customersbut he did so in the only way that counted: by advocating that the FCC change the classification of internet companies from ‘information providers’ to ‘telecommunications companies.’ That’s a seemingly technical change, but it lies at the heart of whether government can force megaliths like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T to act in the public interest.”

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