Panel Urges Deep Changes at Secret Service

“An independent panel Thursday recommended sweeping changes at the Secret Service, saying the elite protective agency is ‘starved for leadership’ and calling for a new director, hundreds of new agents and officers and a higher fence around the White House,” the Washington Post reports.

“The panel, created in October after a series of highly publicized security failures, said the fence protecting the executive mansion should be raised at least four feet to make it less vulnerable to jumpers. Panel members were reacting to a Sept. 19 incident in which a man scaled the fence and ran far into the White House through an unlocked front door.”

“The four-person body also urged intensified training for agents, saying they should run crisis response scenarios that could use a mock White House. The report especially targeted the Secret Service’s highly insular culture, calling for a new director from outside the agency, a suggestion sure to rankle some in the service’s old guard.”

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