With State Taxes, the Less You Earn, the More You Pay

New York Times: “When it comes to the taxes closest to home, the less you earn, the harder you’re hit.”

“That is the conclusion of an analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy that evaluates the local tax burden in every state, from Washington, labeled the most regressive, to Delaware, ranked as the fairest of them all.”

“According to the study, in 2015 the poorest fifth of Americans will pay on average 10.9 percent of their income in state and local taxes, the middle fifth will pay 9.4 percent and the top 1 percent will average 5.4 percent.”

“In the institute’s ‘Terrible 10’ states, the bottom 20 percent of earners pay up to seven times as much of their income in taxes as the top 1 percenters, the report says. These include Washington, where the poorest residents pay 16.8 percent of their income in taxes while the wealthiest sliver pays just 2.4 percent, followed by Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona, Kansas and Indiana.”

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