Poll: Majority Support Single-Payer System for Health Care

The Hill: “More than five years after the single-payer system was scrapped from ObamaCare policy debates, just over 50 percent of people say they still support the idea, including one-quarter of Republicans, according to a new poll.”

“The single-payer option – also known as Medicare for all – would create a new, government-run insurance program to replace private coverage. The system, once backed by President Obama, became one of the biggest casualties of the divisive healthcare debates of 2009.”

“The idea remains extremely popular among Democrats, with nearly 80 percent in support, according to the poll, which was shared first with The Hill by the Progressive Change Institute.”

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  • JackLohman

    Over 50% matters not, unless they have cash in hand. Eliminate our corrupt politicians and we’ll have single-payer overnight.

    • HopeWFaith

      Hi, Jack. Hope all is well with you.

      And Amen to your comment.

  • basno

    Let’s check in on the history of government run healthcare.

    Medicare – trustees say 65% short of money needed to pay promised benefits. If this were private insurance it would be called fraud, shut down and those in charge jailed.
    VA – patients die waiting for service, beaurocrats cover up the poor care
    Medicaid – Care so bad the health outcomes are no different for people with no insurance.

    Now think of the insurance for most government employees. A choice of multiple private insurer with the right to change every year. This guarantees if any provide poorer service or raise prices many will have the incentive and ability to switch.

    None of the VA issues, not the bad care of Medicaid, not the financial disaster of Medicare. Freedom of choice of private insurers works.

    • ebonystone

      Or the Bureau of Indian Affairs medical service. On many reservations, it’s necessary to get any medical treatment during the first 6 months of the year, before the budget runs out.

  • disqus_lB1H3rn1ga

    The UK’s NHS is a disaster as well. Mid-Staffs hospital reports thousands of dead over the last few years due to patient neglect, and that’s just one hospital. Nobody in UK government cares. They don’t have to care. The system is unaccountable, and the people just die. That’s the system Obama admires, too.

  • gsp9993

    50% of Americans get everything else free so this is no surprise.

    • Walter_Peterson

      The destruction of a true self-reliant middle class marches on. Note that “middle class” has been redefined to mean “median income” The notion of a self-supporting bourgeoisie is rapidly evaporating, as more and more people become compelled to accept government largess.

  • carl6352

    why would anyone want the government to cover medical decisions we have had that for almost 60 years all it has done is balloon the country’s debt imagine if all americans were on a government run insurance the debt would explode more than what we have seen the last 6 years. a 70% increase under the fool and chief!. re-word the poll to a government run single payer system and then see what you get!

  • Walter_Peterson

    Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

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