The Negative Consequences of Bashing Obamacare

Robert Pear in the New York Times: “The Republicans now have realized that a court decision in their favor poses political risks to members of their party, who are frantically trying to come up with alternatives to the Affordable Care Act and a strategy to respond to such a ruling.”

“With a significant increase in their numbers on Capitol Hill, Republicans theoretically have more power to undo President Obama’s health care overhaul, but they also have more responsibility for the results.”

“Some conservatives like Thomas P. Miller of the American Enterprise Institute have been urging Republicans to devise a contingency plan that would allow consumers to keep insurance subsidies for a transition period. The existence of such a plan ‘would reassure Supreme Court justices’ that they could rule against the administration without fear of causing turmoil in insurance markets, he said.”

“Lawmakers from both parties said that repeal and replacement had become more difficult as more people gained coverage under the law and insurers found ways to profit from it.”

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