Where’s the Best Place to Find a Job?

Gallup: “North Dakota maintained its pre-eminent position in Gallup’s annual ranking of state job markets in 2014, with employed North Dakota residents providing a strongly upbeat report on hiring conditions where they work — the most positive of any state. Connecticut finds itself at the other end of the spectrum, as workers there reported the worst hiring climate, although still net positive.”

“Importantly, however, all 50 states now have positive net hiring scores, and all but three — West Virginia, Alaska and New Mexico — have markedly improved on this measure since these ratings hit their low point in 2009.”

Job Creation Index by State, 2014

“Gallup’s Job Creation Index is derived from full- and part-time workers’ reports of whether their employer is hiring and expanding the size of its workforce, not making changes, or letting people go and reducing its workforce.”

If you’re looking for a job in politics or public policy, the best place to find a job is Political Job Hunt.

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