Obamacare: Good or Bad? It’s a Tossup

Fox News: “It’s a tossup. American voters are sharply divided over whether ObamaCare will ultimately be a good thing or a bad thing for the country. The latest Fox News national poll also finds that, while a majority wishes the 2010 health care law had never passed, the number of voters who are glad it did is at an all-time high.”

“In the end, will ObamaCare be a good thing or a bad thing for the country? The new poll, released Thursday, finds views split 47-47 percent on that question. A year ago, more voters said it would be a bad thing by 51-42 percent.”

“The number of Democrats who think ObamaCare will ultimately be a good thing (76 percent) is equally matched by the number of Republicans who say it will be bad (76 percent).”

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  • embo66

    The data has been pouring in for well over a year now — and all signs point to Obamacare helping millions of individuals AND the country overall.

    A quote from another entry (among many) here on WonkWire:

    “Obamacare is … saving tax dollars, beefing up Americans’ monthly budgets and setting the country on a path of ever-lowering deficits. Some experts are even claiming the law has improved the care in hospitals” (by penalizing them for high infection rates, repeat admissions, etc.).

    If Americans still show negative attitudes toward the law, it is largely because of ceaseless Republican efforts to demonize it — ably helped along for 5+ years by conservative media (not least of all Fox News itself), and a mainstream media which has barely covered all the good news on Obamacare results.

  • tipping point

  • marktrail

    I didn’t realize that the best measure of the efficacy of a policy is an opinion poll.

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