Republicans’ Quicksand Stand on Obamacare

Kurt Eichenwald in Newsweek: “There’s taking a stand. Then there’s taking a stand in quicksand. And that’s where the Republican Party finds itself.”

“After almost six years of gloom-and-dooming, every intellectually honest Republican has to admit Obamacare is making life better not only for individual Americans but for the country. It is saving tax dollars, beefing up American’s monthly budget and setting the country on a path of ever-lowering deficits. Some experts are even claiming the law has improved the care in hospitals.

“The Republicans have one last shot at taking down Obamacare, and if they succeed (against all logic, reason and honesty), ugly, countrywide damage will be inflicted on the United States, and on the Republican Party. Like Napoleon’s rash attempt to conquer Russia in 1812, the GOP is lulling itself into believing that overrunning this enemy will lead to supreme victory, when in fact it is the path to self-destruction.”

“Republicans are left with deception and bumper sticker slogans to keep opposition to Obamacare going.”

“And therein lies the problem for the Republicans: If they kill Obamacare, tens of millions of people will either lose their private insurance, lose Medicaid coverage, get tossed off of their parents’ policies or be refused insurance because of preexisting conditions, and we will all see health care inflation zoom up and watch the insurance industry, which has built Obamacare into every element of its business, fall into chaos.”

“Is it really worth all of that devastation just to avoid admitting you were wrong about Obamacare?”

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