Immigration Ruling Savages Attempts to Address Nationwide Crisis

New York Times Editorial Board comments on the decision by Federal District Judge Andrew Hanen, of Brownsville, Tex. to block the first of President Obama’s immigration programs.

“Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas was so excited at Monday’s decision that he jumped on Twitter to say Mr. Obama’s amnesty order ‘has been ruled unconstitutional.’”

“No, it hasn’t.”

“What he did not do was dispute the president’s broad authority to decide whom to deport, which is exactly what the Obama administration did in prioritizing the removal of immigrants who pose a threat to public safety or national security. Yet the judge blocked the action, which he called ‘a massive change in immigration practice.’”

“He danced around the fundamental point — as the Supreme Court reiterated as recently as 2012 — that setting immigration policy is the prerogative of the federal government, not the states.”

“On immigration, the Republicans seem to want only to savage the president’s efforts to address a pressing nationwide crisis, just as they have on health care reform. They are good at unleashing rage against Mr. Obama’s supposed lawlessness, but they have no meaningful solutions of their own.”

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