Costs Could Skyrocket if Supreme Court Scraps Subsidies

The Hill: “The cost of healthcare premiums could rise as much 779 percent if the Supreme Court erases ObamaCare subsidies in a majority of states this year, according to a new study.”

“A victory for the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell would erase subsidies in 37 states using, causing premiums to spike an average of 255 percent, according to new research by the nonpartisan group Avalere Health.”

“Nine states, including Florida and North Carolina, would see premiums spike more than 300 percent. Alaska and Mississippi face the most damage, facing increases of 449 percent and 779 percent, respectively.”

Map: Avalere

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  • Ah Dee

    Lets see, costs would actually decrease since no one would be paying for those who refuse to work.

    You can’t receive a “tax credit” without the fines. The fines are what made that coverage seem so expensive! They are factored in the base price, thus hidden from dumb American.

    Without it the fines the base price will drop to the level of those receiving maximum tax credits.

    Constantly changing the plan rules and covered services to hide increases is wrong.

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