The Most Liberal and Most Conservative Towns in Each State

Washington Post: “Elbing, Kan. and Wichita, Kan. are just a few miles from one another … The former ranks as the most conservative town in the state, while the latter is the most liberal, according to data from political analytics company Clarity Campaign Labs.”

most liberal and conservative town map slightly larger labels

“Business Insider created the map above with the most liberal and conservative towns in each state using data from Clarity Campaign Labs. Many of the blue cities are major urban areas: New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Memphis, Omaha, and Seattle. Some are college towns, like Berkeley, Madison, Wis., Ann Arbor, Mich., and Hanover, N.H.”

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  • skeptical69

    I’d be willing to bet that the percentage of people who receive federal government payments in the conservative cities is higher than it is in the liberal cities for most of the states.

    • Pirini Scleroso

      That certainly holds true for the most conservative states vs. liberal states, so it stands to reason that would be the case for the cities as well.

  • MYMY

    Notice how the ‘liberal’ cities are all nice places to live?

    • LawsonL

      Eye of the beholder

  • Bruce Hunt

    OK, as a proud Austinite, I want to protest anyone listing Sarita, Texas, as the most liberal “city” or “town” in the state. Sarita is barely even a village, much less a town or a city; fewer than 250 people live there, and almost all of them work on the Kenedy Ranch, which basically owns the whole county’ There isn’t a single retail business, not even a gas station, in all of Sarita. The few folks who live in Sarita may all vote a straight Democratic ticket for all I know, and more power to ’em if they do, but Austin, our island of blue in a sea of Texas, deserves its proper recognition as the most liberal city in the state.

    • Some_guy_with_something_to_say

      It’s the most liberal zip code. Shocker: business insider botched the story.

    • Martoukian

      Kenedy County, King Ranch. This article is pretty silly; they should’ve set a population minimum if they wanted it to have any meaning.

  • DKDC

    Seems like population and presence of major university are pretty good predictors of political leanings.

    • Mike

      The Economist have run a few articles over the years that relate voting tendencies in the US to either IQ or education. Based on these articles, the smarter or more educated you are, the more likely you are to vote Democratic rather than Republican. After the 2004 election, they listed the states by order of average IQ and the top half were blue while the bottom half were red.

  • BobSimonhouse

    Clarity Campaign Labs needs to go back and make their calculations more robust. Based on these designations they seem to have cut some corners. Texas and Iowa for examples. How is Austin not the most liberal in Texas? also see related comment below. Iowa has Des Moines as most liberal, more than the university town Iowa City? Its a good hook, but the data is garbage.

    • Some_guy_with_something_to_say

      It’s not the Clairty analysis that’s off, it’s the Business Insider, WaPo and WonkWire interpretations that are incorrect.

      Clarity identified the most liberal and conservative ZIP CODES, not towns. Two of the top 5 most liberal zip codes in Iowa are located in Iowa City, but #1 is in Des Moines. Overall, you can be damn sure that Iowa City would be more liberal than Des Moines.

  • Mike

    I love the Republic of Berkeley, I went to Cal and lived in the area for 15 years. I still visit at least once a year, 15 years later. I may retire there.

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