A Rise in Libertarians to Support Rand Paul?

Nate Cohn argues that “libertarians remain too young and too few to present Senator Paul with a realistic path to the nomination. He has to win over a much larger share of more reliable Republican primary voters, who will have considerable reservations about Mr. Paul’s policies. The other problem he faces: Many of the voters most receptive to libertarian views tend not to vote.”

“In one sense, you could argue that the libertarian wing of the Republican Party barely exists at all. According to a large Pew Research survey in 2014 of 10,000 respondents, 11 percent of Americans and 12 percent of self-identified Republicans considered themselves libertarian. They met a basic threshold for knowing what the term meant. But there wasn’t much “’ibertarian’ about these voters; over all, their views were startlingly similar to those of the public as a whole.”

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“The likeliest explanation is that “libertarianism” has become a catchall phrase for iconoclasts of all political stripes.”

“To remain broadly acceptable, Mr. Paul will need to run an utterly mainstream campaign. But it is unclear whether such a strategy will excite and turn out the modest libertarian base cultivated by his father.”

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