Will It Ever Be Called ‘ClintonCare?’

National Journal: “Clinton has been openly enthusiastic about [Obamacare] in the weeks leading up to her announcement.”

“She singled out the congressional Republican budget’s repeal of Obamacare for criticism in March 17 comments on Twitter … ‘Our nation’s future—jobs & economic growth—depends on investments made today. The GOP budget fails Americans on these principles … Repeal of the ACA would let insurers write their own rules again, and wipe out coverage for 16 million Americans.'”

“Clinton has run toward the law with arms open. Last year, she urged Democratic congressional candidates to campaign on it.”

Philip Bump analyzes the latest Gallup poll of uninsured Americans, concluding that those gaining coverage are the “Democratic base.” Bump predicts that supporting Obamacare could be an asset for the 2016 elections.

“Polling shows that opposition to the bill fluctuates within a narrow range. It spiked last summer, but in March of this year was only two points higher than approval. It’s important to the Republican base that will vote in primaries, but it doesn’t seem to be getting much more unpopular.”

“The key for any Democrat … is turnout … Whoever ends up being the Republican candidate will likely have pledged at some point to repeal Obamacare — allowing whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee (whoever that might be!) to say, ‘Vote for me or else.'”

The message: “Go vote for the Democrat or risk losing their health-care coverage.”

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