Uninsured Rate Plummets in States That Expanded Medicaid

The Hill: “The number of people lacking health insurance dropped by half in the 29 states that expanded Medicaid under ObamaCare, far more than states that did not agree to the expansion, according to new data.”

“While all states saw major increases in coverage under ObamaCare, the biggest differences were seen in states that accepted federal dollars to expand eligibility for Medicaid, according to new figures from the Urban Institute’s Health Reform Monitoring Survey.”

“The drop in the uninsured rate was about 30 percent in the 31 states that did not expand Medicaid eligibility. Nearly 93 percent of people have insurance in the 29 states that have expanded Medicaid eligibility, the figures show. That compares to about 86 percent of people with insurance in states that have refused the expansion.”

“The data shows that the nation’s uninsured rate has continued to plummet so far this year, with just one in 10 people now lacking coverage.”

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