Obamacare is Finally Popular

National Journal: “More Americans like Obamacare than dislike it for the first time since 2012, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll released Tuesday morning.”

“But the gap isn’t large—43 percent see it favorably versus 42 percent unfavorably—and it falls within the survey’s margin of sampling error.”

“Opinion still is sharply divided by party, with 70 percents of Democrats viewing the law favorably and 75 percent of Republicans viewing it unfavorably. Independents fall in the middle; 42 percent like it and 46 percent don’t.”

Kaiser: “The public continues to be divided about what they would like to see Congress do next with the law. Just under half want Congress to either expand what the law does (24 percent) or continue implementing it as is (22 percent), while about 4 in 10 want to see Congress either scale back the law (12 percent) or repeal it entirely (29 percent). These shares have remained constant for nearly six months.”

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