A Disconnect Between Republicans and Americans Over Obamacare

Greg Sargent in the Washington Post comments on the new Kaiser Family Foundation poll that shows a positive edge for Obamacare.

“That’s the first time the law has been in positive territory since the last presidential election. More to the point, it’s the first time the law has been in positive territory since implementation of the law began and it suffered hideous roll-out problems, followed by months and months of GOP hyping of every Obamacare horror story Republicans could find (or invent).”

“Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the Kaiser poll demonstrates that GOP priorities for the future of the law are very different from those of Americans overall and independents.”

“The poll finds that 74 percent of Republicans want the law repealed or scaled back. By contrast, 46 percent of Americans overall want to move forward with implementation of it or expand it, versus 41 percent who want it scaled back or repealed. Independents are evenly split.”

“The poll also finds that one of the top priorities for Republican voters is repeal of the individual mandate. 52 percent of Republicans view this as a top priority; only 37 percent of Americans, and the same percentage of independents, agree.”

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