A Republican Zombie Apocalypse of 2016?

Paul Krugman argues that among Republican presidential contenders, there is a “deep attachment to long-refuted ideas … Whoever finally gets the nomination for 2016 will have multiple zombies as his running mates.”

“Consider, for example, the zombification of the debate over health reform. Before the Affordable Care Act went fully into effect, conservatives made a series of dire predictions about what would happen when it did.

“In reality, the act has produced a dramatic drop in the number of uninsured adults; premiums have grown much more slowly than in the years before reform; the law’s cost is coming in well below projections; and 2014, the first year of full implementation, also had the best job growth since 1999.”

“So why has the Republican Party experienced a zombie apocalypse? One reason, surely, is the fact that most Republican politicians represent states or districts that will never, ever vote for a Democrat, so the only thing they fear is a challenge from the far right. Another is the need to tell Big Money what it wants to hear: a candidate saying anything realistic about Obamacare or tax cuts won’t survive the Sheldon Adelson/Koch brothers primary.”

“Whatever the reasons, the result is clear. Pundits will try to pretend that we’re having a serious policy debate, but, as far as issues go, 2016 is already set up to be the election of the living dead.”

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