Those Who See Obamacare as a Success Are Growing

Sarah Kliff in Vox comments on the latest poll from YouGov: “They do seem to indicate Americans warming up to Obamacare when you ask the question a slightly different way. Instead of asking whether Americans approve or disapprove of the health law, the YouGov poll asks if people think the law has been ‘more of a success’ or ‘more of a failure.’ And the results show that, over the past two years, more people consider the law a success:”

obamacare poll 2

“The same trend shows up on a different question, about whether the health care law ought to be repealed — or expanded or kept the same. Opinion in favor of expanding the law or leaving it as is keeps edging upwards, and has actually now become a more popular option than repealing the law.”

“Who’s changing their minds? YouGov polling finds that it’s not Republicans becoming more positive, but rather Democrats who didn’t like the law at first starting to warm up to it.”

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