Conservatives Cling to Obamacare Repeal Options

Politico: “Conservatives are adamant that reconciliation … be used to pass a repeal of the health care law. They believed GOP leaders were on board.”

“But as House and Senate lawmakers have met to hash out a compromise budget over the past few weeks, conservatives noted that House Republican leaders have been talking about leaving their options open.”

“House Republicans have already voted more than 50 times to try to defund, alter or overturn the health care law that conservatives despise. The latest effort, if it happens, would no doubt fail, too — and there are some indications that GOP leaders are ready to move on. But getting a bill to President Barack Obama’s desk and forcing him to veto it would send a powerful symbolic message to the Republican base that House conservatives haven’t given up on scuttling the law.”

“Bill Flores (R-Texas) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) released a joint statement last week urging budget conferees to focus on repeal. They’re considering a ‘Dear Colleagues”’letter to fellow Republicans to press their case.”

“’Though there are many important reforms to be addressed by Congress, reconciliation is a tool that works best when it is focused and precise,’ the statement read. Both lawmakers ‘support using narrow reconciliation language which is focused on the full repeal of Obamacare.’”

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