Republicans’ Secret to Boosting the Economy: Tax Cuts for the Rich

Washington Post: “If taxes didn’t exist, Republicans would have to invent them so they could say that cutting them would solve  our problems.”

“With the exception of Marco Rubio, it seems like almost every presidential hopeful on the Republican side has come out in favor of some kind of flat, or at least flatter, tax as the secret to boosting the economy. Ted Cruz wants one, Rand Paul does too, and now even Chris Christie is saying that ‘in the Obama years, I think you’ve had no attention paid to the things that create economic growth, like a flatter, simpler tax system.’ There are only two problems with this: it’s not true in theory, and it’s not true in practice.”

“The first problem is that while tax cuts help growth in the short-run by putting money in people’s pockets, they only help in the long-run if they’re paid for.”

And, “if you broaden the tax base by getting rid of credits, deductions, and exemptions so much that lower tax rates still bring in the same amount of tax revenue, then, as Alan Viard and Alex Brill of the American Enterprise Institute point out, you haven’t really changed people’s incentives all that much.”

“Every problem, Republicans think, is an opportunity in disguise for a tax cut. Well, make that a tax cut for the rich.”

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