This is news? On what planet did anybody of sense and intelligence not know where racism persists?

    • t.c.green

      I was actually surprised to see the area I live in shaded pink instead of red. Because I KNOW it should be red. Seen too much with my own eyes.

      • Wynstone

        Not all racists are doing internet searches. Some paranoid types may intentionally avoid documenting their racism with search histories.

    • snickering

      I gotta say I didn’t see Missouri or Oklahoma coming.

  • emblaze

    I didn’t think Ohio, NY, and PA would be quite that bad..though I am somewhat familiar with central PA.

    • easton

      trust me, Pa. is bad when you get to Pennsyltucky.

      • Edward Frick

        As James Carville once said, in Pennsylvania everything outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is essentially Alabama.

        • Dick Richard

          I thought that was Ed Rendell

  • Chad Hatten

    not surprised

  • Dal i gredu

    What’s wrong with Rhode Island???

    • JodeBlampette


  • pbrower2a

    The areas seem to be based on TV markets. Oddly, some adjacent areas have very different results. Houston is apparently low in racists, but neighboring Beaumont-Orange-Port Arthur is high. Most of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is high in racist searches but a neighboring area in northern Wisconsin in very low.

    Lansing is very low, but Flint-Saginaw and Toledo are both very high.

  • BarryObama2014

    What a stupid poll.

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