1. This is news? On what planet did anybody of sense and intelligence not know where racism persists?

    1. I was actually surprised to see the area I live in shaded pink instead of red. Because I KNOW it should be red. Seen too much with my own eyes.

      1. Not all racists are doing internet searches. Some paranoid types may intentionally avoid documenting their racism with search histories.

  2. I didn’t think Ohio, NY, and PA would be quite that bad..though I am somewhat familiar with central PA.

      1. As James Carville once said, in Pennsylvania everything outside of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is essentially Alabama.

  3. The areas seem to be based on TV markets. Oddly, some adjacent areas have very different results. Houston is apparently low in racists, but neighboring Beaumont-Orange-Port Arthur is high. Most of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is high in racist searches but a neighboring area in northern Wisconsin in very low.

    Lansing is very low, but Flint-Saginaw and Toledo are both very high.

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