Republicans Search for a New Case Against Obamacare

The Hill: “Republicans are shifting their line of attack on ObamaCare, abandoning assertions that few people are taking advantage of the law for new arguments that enrollees are getting stuck with low-quality insurance plans.”

“Speaking on the Senate floor last week, Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso did not mention the number of people who have signed up; he instead focused on the caliber of the coverage, saying, ‘there is a difference between coverage and care. He pointed to narrow provider networks under ObamaCare plans as limiting people’s access to care.”

“Republicans have also pointed to a survey released this week showing that most emergency room doctors have seen an increase in patients, despite the law’s intention to reduce the need for people to rely on emergency rooms for care.”

“As for private insurance under the law, a Commonwealth Fund study released Tuesday notes that about half of plans offered through ACA marketplaces had narrow networks that limit choices of doctors. While the study notes that this type of plan also existed before ObamaCare, it says the law could be encouraging private insurers to keep costs down. “

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