Job Creation Index Reaches a New High Mark

Gallup: “Gallup’s U.S. Job Creation Index reached +31 for the month of April, inching past its previous high of +30 from September of last year. This latest reading is up two points from March, and is a break from six months of fairly static measurements.”

Gallup Job Creation Index Among All U.S. Workers -- January 2008-April 2015

“As the U.S. economy has improved over the past several years, Gallup has seen steady increases in its Job Creation Index as well as the Economic Confidence Index that measures Americans’ assessment of the broader national economy. However, in 2015 to date, the Economic Confidence Index has shown at least some decline since the beginning of the year, from an average +3 in January to -3 in April, while the Job Creation Index has been steady or up each month. This suggests that while hiring activity is an important part of how Americans view the larger economy, other factors, such as gas prices or economic growth, also enter into Americans’ perceptions of how the economy is doing overall.”

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