When GOP Resistance to Obamacare Hurts Republicans

Greg Sargent in the Washington Post: “There’s been yet another twist in the seemingly endless battle over the Medicaid expansion in Florida: Rick Scott has now flatly stated that the GOP split over whether to accept it is probably going to cost the state its tax cuts and cost its students higher per-pupil spending.”

“It’s worth reiterating that Scott and state House Republicans want federal money for health care, but only if it’s not part of Obamacare, and this is what is putting all of these other GOP budgetary goals, including tax cuts, at risk. They’ve argued that the feds could reneg on their commitment to fund the Medicaid expansion, putting the state on the hook for it. But Senate Republicans counter that their expansion bill has explicitly been drafted to end the state’s participation if that happens.”

“Either way, this once again shows that the depth of GOP resistance — the determination to accept federal money for health care on the grounds that it isn’t Obamacare — runs so deep that Republicans are willing to sacrifice their other priorities to it.”