Can Republicans Avoid Romney’s Tax Proposal Problem?

“President Obama accused Mr. Romney of proposing to cut taxes on the rich at the expense of the middle class,” according to the New York Times. “There are a few ways the 2016 Republican candidates can avoid the Romney middle­class tax trap.”

”They can break with party tradition and abandon the position that there should be significant tax­rate cuts for top earners. They can forthrightly defend the idea that people with low and middle incomes should pay more. They can abandon the promise of revenue neutrality — so a tax cut for the rich does not need to be offset by tax increases elsewhere. They can be as vague as possible.”

“So far, we have seen contenders use all these options except the first… The question is whether G.O.P. primary voters, used to promises of deep tax cuts, yet desirous of higher military spending and wary of old­age entitlement cuts, will allow a candidate to dance around their unreasonable expectations — or whether they will push their nominee into promises that prove unpopular in a general election.”

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