States Look for Alternative Obamacare Rescue Plans

The Hill: “It may be easier than expected for states to save their ObamaCare subsidies, if the Supreme Court rules against the law this month.”

“Two states — Pennsylvania and Delaware — said this week they would launch their own exchanges, if needed, to keep millions of healthcare dollars flowing after the decision. Both want to use existing pieces of the federal health insurance exchange, like its website and call center — a path that would be far less costly than the way most other states have created their exchanges.”

“If those plans win approval, many of the other 36 states that stand to lose their subsidies could then pursue a similarly simple strategy.”

“But that would spell trouble for Republicans who view the King v. Burwell case as their best chance yet to dismantle President Obama’s healthcare law. GOP members of Congress have repeatedly said they must create a backup plan for states so that they are forced to make ObamaCare ‘fixes.’”

“While a state-based exchange is not defined in the Affordable Care Act, experts say the commonly understood definition has been blurred since the rollout of the law, as more states share technology.”

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  1. What has been the success rate of State exchanges so far? How many of them have been KY sucesses or OR train wrecks?

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