Is the Nation’s Uninsured Rate the Lowest Ever?

NPR: “‘Nearly 1 in 3 uninsured Americans have already been covered — more than 16 million people -– driving our uninsured rate to its lowest level ever,’ [President Obama] told a cheering crowd at the Catholic Health Association’s annual conference Tuesday. ‘Ever,’ he added for emphasis.”

But is the uninsured rate really the lowest ever? Maybe, say experts. But you can’t really tell.

“‘I would say that we have definitive evidence that the uninsured rate for the nonelderly is the lowest it has been since 1997,’ said Genevieve Kenney, a policy researcher at the Urban Institute and co-director of its Health Policy Center. (Most surveys only measure the nonelderly because nearly everyone over age 65 has Medicare.) ‘Before that we are on less solid ground because of data limitations.'”

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