Republicans to Extend Subsidies If Struck Down By Supreme Court

ABC News reports that congressional Republicans “will move to temporarily continue health care subsidies for millions of people if the Supreme Court overturns the aid.”

“In addition, the GOP proposals would dissolve many of the basic requirements of President Obama’s health care law, including mandates that most people buy coverage and most companies provide it to their workers… Such an effort would be sure to encounter solid Democratic opposition in Congress and a veto from the president, who has championed the law’s extension of health coverage to millions.”

“The high court is expected to rule on a lawsuit brought by conservatives and backed by the GOP. They say that under the law, the aid is limited to states operating their own insurance marketplaces, and is not allowed for the roughly three dozen that use the federal website. Democrats say the overall bill’s context makes clear that the subsidies were designed to go to residents of every state.”

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