• rssrai

    When the poor organize they call them thugs and police are on them like honey to a bear. Also, labor has lost their power to organize. A lot of the poor are young white males, and many of them vote republican thinking that republicans will create jobs. Sad, since the democrats have been the real job creator’s for private sector jobs. Another reason is that many of the poor live in the South and labor has become a bad word in the South. Also, many of the poor don’t see themselves as one of the poor, but just in transition until they become rich. Another reason is that women, children, and seniors are poor and are too burdened down by every day life to do anything but get by. Last word is that a lot of the poor did have their voices heard when they voted for President Obama twice, and he may not have solved poverty in the US, but he did take a giant step by giving health insurance to millions of people.

  • Morrigan In Oregon

    The poor do not rebel because there is no time to do so. Working a couple of jobs, taking care of the kids, trying to keep the car on the road, rent paid, food gathered from several give away spots. The quality of the food given away does not energize, but bogs down on carbohydrates, sugars and fat.
    You see, they already thought of how to isolate the poor from each other. Remember, the poor are so easily marginalized as those who reject society and want to live off of unsuspecting citizens.

  • DragonAtma

    Why haven’t the poor rebelled? Because they’re patient and think congress will shape up, especially when we have democratic presidents.

    Of course, if nothing continues to happen… well, just ask Nick Hanauer. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/06/the-pitchforks-are-coming-for-us-plutocrats-108014.html

  • StephanieCCarr

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  • eeyore

    The poor have not rebelled because the poor do not relish being shot, and no more questions about any right to protest remain after the past 15 years.

  • The poor are not rebelling, in my opinion, because they have the opportunity to go to their favorite on-line chat sites (like this one) and type out their frustration to their peers. Instead of going out into their communities and organizing their peers, they come to their on-line communities and get commiseration and support. Then they go back to their two jobs.

    • embo66

      Mmmmm. methinks not. Most poor people don’t even have Internet access.

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