Republicans Have Lost the Obamacare Policy War

David Leonhardt: “Republicans … have made undoing the law known as Obamacare their central domestic priority over the past five years.”

“Yet now most experts believe that Obamacare is here to stay. Even if Republicans win back the White House in 2016, they are unlikely to have as good an opportunity to damage the law as the Supreme Court had … The Republicans can still win the electoral battle in 2016, but they appear to have lost the policy war over health care.”

“How, then, can the court’s ruling in favor of the health law – a ruling whose details were even more favorable to the law’s long-term standing than many court watchers expected – be good for Republicans?”

“The short answer is that it isn’t, not if you believe politics exists as a lever to affect government. The longer answer is that Republicans had already lost the war, well before the court ruled on Thursday.”

“They lost it in 2014, when the law began providing real benefits to millions of people – health insurance to a combination of middle-class, poor and sick Americans who could not have afforded it otherwise. Modern American history makes clear that once the social safety net expands in a major way, it’s almost impossible for anyone to reverse it.”

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