The Obamacare Fight Continues

New York Times Editorial Board warns that “there are myriad ways the current Republican Congress, future Congresses or a future Republican president could subvert important elements of the law or render it inoperative.”

“It is imperative that in 2016 voters elect people to Congress and the White House in 2016 who will support health care reform. It is equally important that as many uninsured people as possible be reached and enrolled in private plans or Medicaid. The greater the number of people who benefit from the health reform law, the harder it will be to dismantle it.”

“States will have an important role to play in expanding coverage. Some 21 states, the vast majority run by Republican governors, have refused to expand their Medicaid programs to include childless adults and people with higher incomes, as the law allows … Yet the Republicans, gripped by an irrational hostility to helping the poor, would rather hurt the uninsured and damage their state economies by refusing federal money.”

“It has long been clear that the Republicans in Congress have no workable plan for replacing the Affordable Care Act, and can’t even fake it. The Republican presidential candidates think they can energize their base with pledges to repeal reform.”

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