Republicans’ Refocus Their Strategy for Killing Obamacare

Jonathan Chait: “Conservatives continue to rage against Obamacare, and their capacity to oppose it, unlike their capacity to prevent same-sex marriage, has not fully expired. The strategy of attempting to destroy Obamacare through far-fetched lawsuits has run its course, but Republicans can still have normal political methods at their disposal should they regain power. They have come to focus their energies on the remaining path to obtain this goal, which runs through the final destruction of the Senate filibuster.”

National Journal: The Supreme Court “losses could provide Republican presidential candidates with more political flexibility on the campaign trail and that could could work in their favor.”

“‘The conversation changes now. It is no longer about them trying to figure out how they are going to provide subsidies. Now there is going to be a real focus on providing a solution,’ Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp said. ‘It goes from being a potentially messy situation to honing in and focusing their message on providing a patient-centered alternative.'”

“While congressional Republicans still are eying an Obamacare overhaul through the budget-reconciliation process, that effort is dead on arrival at the White House. That enables Republicans from Scott Walker to Marco Rubio to rally against the president, without being boxed in by their own party’s policies. They don’t have to fix a problem, they merely have to come up with an independent alternative.”

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  • MrBeale

    Luckily for Republicans, their butthurt is covered by Obamacare.

  • Liz

    And since they’ve only had eight years to come up with said “independent alternative,” and so far they’ve failed utterly to even begin to do so, it will be easy for them to do it now? These Republican strategists keep pushing this idea that, with gay marriage and health care “out of the way,” they can convince their candidates to stop pandering to their basest of base voters and run on the kind of policy issues that have always worked for them before, i.e., fiscal “conservatism” and foreign warhawking. Too bad for them that 1. the candidates won’t be allowed, by mutual pressure, to abandon the culture offense; and 2., the policies that ran the country into financial ruin and unnecessary wars under Bush will not play as well now that they’ve been exposed as nonsensical and futile.

  • embo66

    I can’t stop laughing!

    At this point, the only people Republicans are fooling about Obamacare are themselves. And if a credible “alternative” to the very conservative ACA actually existed, GOP politicians would have been trumpeting it from the rooftops already.

    Dream on.

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