• DragonAtma

    Replace their monuments with monuments to their boots. >_>

    On a more serious note, it depends on the people involved. Monuments to people like Robert E. Lee should be left untouched, while monuments to scumbags like jefferson davis need a sledgehammer makeover.

  • Rhodent

    Sorry, but I don’t agree. The continued presence of a monument on, for example, the grounds of a state capitol, indicates continued support.

    For example, there is a monument on the North Carolina State Capitol grounds which is dedicated “To Our Confederate Dead”. There is no monument to the state’s Union dead on the Capitol. I would be fine with leaving the current monument alone if a second monument to the Union dead was erected; I would be fine with rededicating the current monument “To Our Confederate and Union Dead”; what I am not fine with is leaving the monument to Confederate dead intact and not having a monument to Union dead.

    (In case anyone finds it relevant: I am aware of two Civil War veterans in my family tree. One enlisted in the Confederate Army and died of disease not long after; there’s no evidence he ever actually saw combat. Another enlisted in the Confederate Army, was captured by Union forces, was offered the opportunity to fight for the Union, and accepted the offer. Family legend also indicates that the latter’s son spent a few years near the end of the war hiding in the swamps of North Carolina to avoid being drafted by the Confederates.)

  • rssrai

    This is a ridiculous rationality. Should we have a statue of Benedict Arnold in the US Capitol?

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