Which Side is Winning in the War on Coal?

Brad Plumer: “If you only focused on the United States, you might think coal’s days are numbered … But that’s not true globally. Far from it. According to data from BP’s Statistical Review of Energy, coal consumption has actually been accelerating worldwide since the end of the 1990s:”

“According to an important new study in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we’re in the midst of a global ‘renaissance of coal’ that’s not confined to just a few countries like China or India. Rather, coal is becoming the energy source of choice for a vast array of poorer and fast-growing countries around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia. ‘This renaissance of coal,’ the authors write, ‘has even accelerated in the last decade.'”

“Suffice to say, this has huge implications for global warming. Coal now supplies roughly 30 percent of the world’s primary energy use.”

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