Is Donald Trump the Embodiment of the GOP’s Core Values?

Conor Friedersdorf acknowledges that it’s more than likely that GOP moderates will eventually prevail, but “farcical candidacies [like Donald Trump] are difficult for the GOP to avoid or end quickly because the party is averse to certain truths that would help inoculate it against demagogues.”

Friedersdorf outlines six “truths:”

  1. “When someone makes a lot of money in business that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d make a good president or even a good steward of the economy.”
  2. “Just because Rush Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts take a figure seriously it doesn’t mean that anyone else should.”
  3. Criticism by “mainstream media pundits and GOP establishment … of public figures is insightful and accurate. Their arguments should be weighed and grappled with, not reflexively dismissed.”
  4. At times, transgressing against political correctness is a sign of intellectual integrity and bravery.”
  5. “The fact that a public figure drives the left crazy is not itself a good reason for conservatives to rally around them, no matter how emotionally satisfying some find it.”
  6. “Bombastic rhetoric is not a proxy for conservatism.”
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