Jeb Bush Wants to Dock Lawmakers’ Pay

Philip Bump responds to Jeb Bush’s “crazy idea” that “members of Congress should get paid for how much they actually work.”

“Bush didn’t really articulate how the plan would work. But let’s say that the senators only got the same percentage of their $174,000 salaries as the percentage of votes they made. That would result in Graham and Cruz losing $40,000 a year — and Rubio losing $50,000.”

“Let’s apply the Bush formula more broadly. The government’s Office of Personnel Management says a full-time year is 2,087 hours of work — 261 days, or thereabouts. Here’s how Congress’ number of days in session has compared to that standard since 1985.”

“In 2014, the Senate was in session for 136 days and the House for 135. That’s about 52 percent of the OPM standard for work days. Let’s — generously! — give them another 60 days that they worked doing other things, having meetings in districts, etc. That means that each branch worked about 75 percent of a full year — and that each should get about $130,000 of their $174,000 salaries.”

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