Clinton Refuses to Take a Position on Keystone XL

National Journal: “Hillary Clinton wants to wait until she wins the White House before taking a stand on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.”

“At a town hall in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Clinton responded to a question from the audience asking if she would sign a bill approving the pipeline by saying that she would not ‘second guess’ President Obama’s decision. Should the issue still be alive in January 2017, however, then Clinton will say what her position is.”

“That answer is sure to rile environmentalists, who have made opposition to the controversial pipeline that would ship oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast a political litmus test.”

Chris Cillizza: “Look. When you are running for president — whether or not you served in the current administration — you are going to be asked to take positions on issues that the current president is dealing with. As long as we hold elections that begin two years (or more) before the current president is set to leave office, that’s going to be a thing candidates need to contend with. If Clinton’s position is that she can’t take a public stance on any issue that has some sort of pending business before this White House, then she’s not going to be able to take a position on, well, anything.”

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