Trump and Delusional Punditry

Paul Krugman explains how Trump’s popularity defies conventional wisdom.

“I am, of course, talking about pundits who prize themselves for their centrism.”

“Pundit centrism in modern America is a strange thing. It’s not about policy … What defines the cult is, instead, the insistence that the parties are symmetric, that they are equally extreme, and that the responsible, virtuous position is always somewhere in between.”

“The trouble is that this isn’t remotely true. Democrats constitute a normal political party, with some spread between its left and right wings, but in general espousing moderate positions. The GOP, on the other hand, is a deeply radical faction; even its supposed moderates are moderate only in tone, not in policy positions, and its base is motivated by anger against Others.”

“On one side, they can’t admit the moderation of the Democrats … On the other side, they have had to invent an imaginary GOP that bears little resemblance to the real thing. This means being continually surprised by the radicalism of the base. It also means a determination to see various Republicans as Serious, Honest Conservatives — SHCs? — whom the centrists know, just know, have to exist.”

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