Who Appeals to the Very Conservative?

Frank Newport at Gallup: “A relatively small group of Republicans, 15%, say that they are very conservative. It is this hard-core group of very right-leaning Republicans that I will focus on in this analysis.”

“One way to look at the data is the straight rank order of the candidates based on the percent of very conservative Republicans who have a favorable opinion of each. The average favorable rating of the 16 candidates among this group is 54%, with ratings ranging from 74% for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at the top, to 17% for former New York Gov. George Pataki at the bottom.”

Favorable Opinions of GOP Candidates Among Very Conservative Republicans

“Seven candidates have favorable ratings of about two-thirds or more among conservative Republicans, including Rubio, Cruz, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Ben Carson. At the other end of the spectrum, the losers among conservative Republicans are Pataki, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina, each with a favorable rating of less than 50%.”

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