‘Trumpcare’ Looks a Lot Like Obamacare

Sahil Kapur in Bloomberg: “Donald Trump says Obamacare is ‘very bad’ and needs to go. ‘Repeal and replace with something terrific,’ he told CNN on Wednesday.”

“What would the terrific replacement be? The Republican presidential front-runner was vague, but health experts say that a number of the broad replacement ideas he outlined sound similar” to Obamacare.

“Trump proposed: competing private plans (which Obamacare exchanges provide for); protecting hospitals from catastrophic events (which Obamacare deals with by requiring people to get insurance so they don’t pass on their emergency care costs), and government plans for low-income people who get sick and lack options (which Obamacare does by expanding Medicaid).”

“‘He should take a closer look at the ACA, he might like it,’ said Timothy Jost, a leading expert on Obamacare who supports the law. ‘What he is proposing does look a lot like the ACA.'”

“As Obama does in promoting his plan, Trump emphasized the value of universal coverage. That includes people ‘at the lower end’ of the income spectrum, he said, who won’t get ‘the finest plan’ but deserve to be covered. He was unapologetic about his goal to help provide health care for low-income people, even if it costs him the Republican nomination.”

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