A Closer Look at Walker and Rubio Obamacare Alternatives

Margot Sanger-Katz sums up Walker’s proposal: “Obamacare gives federal money to poor people to help them get health insurance. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s governor, has a replacement plan. It would give federal money to old people instead.”

“The Republican plans differ substantially from Obamacare in their vision of how the money should be doled out, and what it should be used to buy. The Walker and Rubio proposals call for a much less regulated insurance market, where the federal government exercises little oversight over the products in the market.”

“Their plans are also much less concerned about ensuring health care access for the poor. In addition to rolling back Obamacare, both would also reduce future federal spending on state-administered Medicaid programs.”

“Wealthier people, on the other hand, could fare better under [Walker’s] plan, as long as they’re healthy. They would get more federal money to buy insurance plans, and they would have the choice of buying cheaper, less comprehensive plans than those offered under Obamacare rules.”

“Both plans, however, would strip away Obamacare’s myriad health insurance regulations … States would have the authority to impose insurance rules, so some markets might have more restrictions. But the plan would also allow people to buy insurance sold in any state, meaning all Americans would have access to the least regulated products.”

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