The Obamacare ‘Repeal and Replace’ Predicament Persists

National Journal: “Republican presidential candidates are starting to get to the ‘replace’ part of their pledges to repeal and replace Obamacare. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida rolled out plans Tuesday. But with specific policy proposals comes real scrutiny and the risk that Americans won’t like what they see.”

“There wasn’t much in Walker or Rubio’s proposals that hasn’t floated around conservative wonk circles for years, but the value is that they have a plan at all. Walker readily pointed that out.”

Jonathan Chait: Rubio and Walker’s “fundamental dilemma is that Obamacare provides a popular benefit to millions of voters. Appealing to the conservative base demands they eliminate the program that provides this benefit. Appealing to the general election requires them to promise something to compensate the victims of repeal. How will they fund that something? This is the basic problem that for decades has prevented Republicans from offering a health-care plan. Rubio and Walker show that they still have no answer.”

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