The Most Common Job Held by Immigrants in Each State

Matthew Yglesias: Andy Kiersz at Business Insider crunched the numbers from the American Community Survey and the Minnesota Population Center to develop a map showing the most commonly held job by immigrants in every state in the union.

“But the most socially and economically significant trend is probably the large number of states that are full of immigrant health aides, nurses, or personal care aides. Given the aging of the population, there is going to be increasing demand for these kinds of services.”


  1. Our economy runs on immigrants. I’d say it always has, except there was a time when it ran on slavery.

    This is better.

    1. Legal vs illegal is simply a legal construct. Consider marijuana vs alcohol. One is legal one is illegal; now some states have legalized marijuana, yet nothing about the effects of the drugs on the body has changed. If we legalized illegal immigrants, then they’d be legal, just like marijuana in Colorado.

      The point is who will care for the elderly? Their kids? Ha, ha. You? Nope. And don’t give me, “If they paid enough, Americans would do it.” Elder care is already unaffordable-now imagine if the staff all earned $25/hr (and skilled ones would then demand much higher”. I know you Trumpers, don’t care about actual math, but the real world does.

    2. What do you want to know?

      Do you even know what you want to know?

      Here’s a FACT–statistically speaking, they are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans in anywhere near the same economic situation.

      Trump is a damn good liar–mixing truth with falsehood like a master.

      But a liar he remains, all the same.

  2. The only illegal immigrants in this country are the Anglo Saxon ethnics. Native Americans are the true citizens. Spanish-Mexican Latinos lived in their own country in the Southwest until the US Anglo Saxons invaded from the east and stole the land from México by force, same as they did with the indigenous folks who lived here for 30,000 years.

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