• pisher

    All life is sacred.

    And yet all animal life (and some plant life) exists by preying on other life.

    We can draw all the arbitrary lines in the sand we like.

    Life is what it is.

    And there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Take it up with God, if you can find Him.

    An egg is not a child. Fertilized or not.

  • Unsphexish

    The right has embraced anti-abortion and contraception stands largely to cement control of the fundamentalist Christian bloc of voters, who they’ve largely kept strung along on the sole issue of reproductive rights for the last 30+ years. To give up the fight on this front is to give up those voters, which is just not going to happen – the widening demographic gulf means the GOP needs every reliable voter it can coerce to the voting booth on wedge issues that it can get.

    Expect to see a doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on this and other highly focused and increasingly extreme wedge issues until such time as the GOP dies completely, or evolves away from the extreme right and goes after moderates again.

  • montag

    What diverse Republican base? Even if such a base exists, aggressive conservatism has never alienated them before. Why would it now?

    • dionysus_finch

      Speaking of things that don’t exist, the last five GOP nominees sought to play down social issues? Really? The guy running for reelection in 2004 didn’t use social issues?

    • Detroitdic

      You’re right! I do think there is an aggressive conservatism out there but it has hijacked the regular GOP and are only helpful to the party regulars when money issues arise. The AC’s have helped the regulars and want their payoff. The regulars have been riding the tiger and are scared big time.

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